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Why Satin? 

Mother and Baby on Floor

Kind to Hair

Over a 24hr period newborns and toddlers sleep on average between 12-19hours, so what you decide to lay their head down on becomes extremely important.

Satin is superb for maintaining your hair as it does not weaken the hair strands or strip away the essential moisture that keeps our locks luscious and vibrant. 

Unlike traditional cotton which causes friction; resulting in baby balding, satin helps leave your hair nourished rather than dry and susceptible to knots, tangles and unwanted breakage. 

With this smooth material your hair will glide as you sleep preserving different hair styles in place. 

So whether your hair is curly, wavy, kinky or straight - make bed head a thing of the past. 

Sleeping Baby
Sleeping Baby

Kind to Skin

Infants' skin is up to 30% thinner than adults and equipping them with the best barriers is a tool that our satin sheets provide. 
Satin is gentle and helps preserve the body’s natural oils and essential moisture needed with the skin.  Being a low absorbent fabric, satin does not strip away applied skin care products leaving them to work as you intended. 
The smooth satin material does not cause friction and agitate common skin conditions such as Eczema. 
So even while your little one twists and turns at night unwanted flare up and aggravations will be a thing of the past. 

Stacks of Coins

Value for Money 

Meek Sleeps is committed to offering our customers cost effective solutions to baby bald spots and sensitive skin. 
Satin sheets are a customer friendly alternative to silk cot slips offering full coverage of the bed.

Sleeping Baby
White Satin

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Satin can be hand or machine washed at 30 degrees using a mild detergent.

Satin can also be tumble dried on low heat...which helps to eliminate ironing.


***always place a tumble dry sheet in to avoid static***

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