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Mom holding baby on grass

Here at Meeks Sleeps we recognise that every baby is different.  One thing, however, remains the same; their protection.  Whether you are a new or existing parent, we know you want the best for your child.  After extensive and necessary research, we are proud to provide you with a product that is made from 100% Satin to help assist your little one's sleep, night after night.  

We, along with other parents and guardians wanted a cool variation of sheets to choose from and realised that there was very little choice.  We decided to create designs that would be fun and engaging whilst not neglecting your staple sets.  

We understand that infants have hair and skin, which is thinner and less durable than adults.  With your child's well-being in mind, we wanted to offer a material that could be used time and time again and was able to encourage basic health benefits. 


Unlike Cotton, Satin is a low absorbent fabric that helps prevent hair thinning and bald spots, retains moisture to avoid dryness and irritation, and keeps a cool temperature year-round; all whilst still being affordable.  These were key factors in our commitment to bringing this poorly kept secret to yourself.

With Meek Sleeps products you can rest confidently knowing that your little ones are taken care of and their hair and skin will thank you in the morning.



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