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  • Will sleeping on satin stop my babies hair loss completely?
    Some babies experience hair loss a couple of months after birth due to hormonal changes and is a completly natural process and is something that can't be stopped. In other circumstances, however, it may not be a natural loss as babies spend multiple hours lying on cotton material which pulls, tugs and twist on their fine hair. This in turn causes hair thinning and baby balding. Our sheets reduce this trait drastically as it allows your child's head to simply glide which helps fight the battle against hair damage and loss.
  • How will sleeping on satin cure or make Eczema better?
    Unlike cotton, Satin is a low absorbent fabric that helps keep applied treatment cream on a child's skin throughout the night. Our satin material then allows your cream to work as intended. The material's low absorbency helps leave moisture within the skin as Eczema is prone to flare-ups from dry skin. There is no cure for Eczema but there are treatments for the flare ups and the best results will come when the treatment creams can stay on the skin rather than absorbing into the fabric. Your results will be plain and evident to see in the morning.


Commonly asked questions about baby hair loss and Eczema

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